About Us


Logistics can be complex, we know that so we’re here to make it easier.

Welcome to CBIP

Our Mission

We help our clients to get the best possible logistics solution through efficient people and operations, credible and reputable partners, and smart technology to allow you to focus on growing your business.

Our Vision

We want to lead the change in the Hong Kong logistics industry by challenging established truths and unlocking new opportunities.

Our Values

We bring Clarity, Credibility, Passion, and Agility to the industry and to you business.

Why Us?

We “Bridge the Gaps” between traditional logistics houses, supply chain programmes, and smart technology.

Our Operations

  • HQ in Hong Kong with offices in China, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan & USA
  • Global Network Coverage including 10 international warehouses & over 6,000 secure redemption centres around the globe
  • Over 50 global partners
  • Leading Technology for modern day logistics providers across international & domestic shipping, warehouse management, fulfillment & customer service
  • A dedicated global team covering service across sales, operations, finance and strategic account management

We pride ourselves on these core values

People First

We place a large emphasis on our service as one of our top three key points of difference. Our service capability and dedicated account management are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we offer a seamless operational set up and access to local people, bilingual speakers.


The logistics industry is fragmented and confusing. We piece all of these areas together for you in to one simple solution, using our credible and globally reputable partners. We aim to keep the solution simple and efficient and provide support in more than just logistics – we share data insights and knowledge to further streamline your logistics process and provide greater efficiency.


We offer a seamless fulfillment process with professional communication. CBIP provides detailed reports and advice to ensure are continually improving and growing your business.