Crowdfunding Series: Fulfillment Tips For Your Campaign

Now you have a successful crowdfunding campaign, your product is manufactured and ready to dispatch. It is not difficult to fulfill orders yourselves, it just takes away lots of time and resources from your team, and it can go wrong easily and create headaches for you...

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How is E-commerce changing Logistics?

E-commerce breaks the barrier of geographical location of business and offers a vast spectrum of audience and hence possibility of better overall sales. DHL expects it to grow around 19% per year, to become 15.5% of overall commerce in 2021. Yet e-commerce also...

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5 Ways to Save on Parcel

5 Ways to Save on Parcel 1. Packing your Goods The smaller and lighter the shipment, the less you pay. Most carriers charge by weight and dimensions, so choose a box to suit the size of your item. Your goods should also be well packaged ... they will be travelling via...

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