Value Added Services

As a modern logistics provider, we understand the importance of working not just with our core but also other factors in our client’s business that impacts on their logistics. That’s why we offer you a range of value added services – going that extra mile for your benefit.

Unlike many traditional logistics providers, we don’t see things as a ‘one size fits all’. We realise that more and more businesses are looking for the complete package, rather than the fragmented service that many businesses find currently. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, all-in service, so that you have one vendor and one bill.

There are three main areas where we can look to add value to our offering:

1 – E-commerce warehouse and shipping insurance – rest easy knowing that we have the value of your goods covered with a comprehensive insurance policy that covers you for all eventualities. Don’t rely on traditional warehouses or couriers to get the right level of compensation for your e-commerce fulfillment when things go wrong.

2 – After sales service – get smarter with your customer service and closely link it to your logistics. This includes:

  • Improving your customer experience by updating them regularly and in real-time.
  • Improving your efficiency by using a trusted and valued supplier.
  • Use us as an on-demand service should you need us, whether you are a man down or during the holidays.
  • Let us become your customer service representatives, using our technical knowledge to deal with your customer issues direct.
  • Make use of our flexible pricing so that you only pay for the service that you use.
  • Get faster refunds, replacements and shipping changes by using us as your outsourced logistics, whilst retaining your brand.
  • We can use your existing helpdesk technology (e.g. Zendesk) to provide transparent and timely responses to customer enquiries.

3 – Duties & Tax Calculations – We can help you to utilise your store cart or bulk cargo to work out the required duties and tax that you’ll need to pay to ship to any country in the world. This makes for a much clearer final cost to your client, as you can either absorb the cost or pass this on to the total cost to the client. It means that you don’t need to charge two separate amounts and makes for a smoother transaction.

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