About Us

Who We Are

We’re a team of professionals combining years of on-the-ground knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable practices to craft logistics plans built for your business.

We don’t just offer a single set path to bring businesses to the world - we evolve with them.

Our mission

We created CBIP to give you the flexibility you need in your logistics. When you work with CBIP you get individualized plans of action, not one-size-fits-all solutions.

We created CBIP for ambitious businesses

We created CBIP for trend-setters

We created CBIP for businesses that want to grow. Fast.

CBIP means growth - your way

We create cross-border shipping that makes sense

The Layers of The Logistics Industry

In the wake of rising e-commerce and global manufacturing, logistics has become a complicated industry.

As a modern business, you likely have or want to have customers and supply chains spread out across multiple regions and countries - regions that often have drastically different rules and regulations.

To catch trends and scale fast, you need to be able to adjust your network at a moment’s notice and comply with regulations.

This just isn’t possible with traditional logistics providers that only specialize in regional B2B logistics and are tied down by their own assets. Modern logistics demands transparency and the ability to adapt to changes as they happen - features that aren’t often found with ‘old school’ companies relying on the same networks of providers they’ve used for decades. If your business wants to push boundaries and grow quickly, it needs an ambitious logistics partner that knows every step of the process and can verify quality.

That’s where we come in.

CBIP was created to put the pieces together for you. With a foothold in over ten markets, we have the tools, partner network, and industry knowledge you need to create a simpler, more effective logistics process every step of the way.

We Stand by Our Values

Trust comes first

You won’t be kept in the dark about how we operate or who’s in charge of handling your goods.

Great plans are simple plans

Don’t waste time sifting through dozens of providers and get lost in a sea of contracts. We’ve taken years to develop a network of trusted partners so that you can rest assured, no matter the market.

Satisfied customers are the best marketing department

We are relentless in the pursuit of client satisfaction. If you need a change in your logistics plan, we make it happen.

More flexibility means more opportunities

We navigate challenges and problems with a flexible mindset. You’ll never be locked into a logistics program that doesn’t fit your business’s priorities.

We’re never done improving

We are a tech-centered company with an eye on the future. We move as fast as the technology we use, striving for continuous improvements in our knowledge and offerings.

Where We Work

With a central office in Hong Kong, we’ve expanded our business to a global network spanning Asia Pacific, the UK, EU and North America. We have people on the ground in all major regions, who are committed to building our network and sourcing new partners every day...


CBIP came to be through a friendship decades in the making. Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, CBIP’s founders Nick Bartlett and Chris Crutchley got to know one another a long way from home - in Hong Kong, in the middle of their own corporate careers.

They each recognized that even as many industries moved into the digital world, clients still faced age-old problems. Communication, transparency, and adaptability were often nowhere to be found. With this understanding in tow, the two set out to change the way logistics is done.

Nick Bartlett
Director of Marketing & Sales

Nick Bartlett is CBIP’s director of sales and marketing. His expertise lies in marketing, supply chain management, and corporate retail experience. He honed his skills over  10+ years working across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Nick keeps a close eye on new markets and believes successful business operations come through value-based relationships.

Director of Operations & Finance

Chris Crutchley is CBIP’s director of operations and finance. He has over a decade of corporate finance and operational expertise throughout the Asia Pacific.

In logistics, Chris strives to continuously innovate and challenge the industry’s norms in order to offer clients world-class service that emphasizes clear communication.

General Manager

Collin is CBIP’s general manager. He brings nearly 20 years of experience leading multinational and multi-disciplinary teams across the logistics, technology, and e-commerce industries. Having lived and worked on three continents, he understands the unique challenges presented when conducting business across different regions and cultures — above all, he’s learned the value of clear communication.

Collin is constantly seeking ways to improve and put his experience to use, spreading his growth and personal development-centered mindset to all of the company’s teams around the globe.

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