Full-Service Logistics

Managing your own logistics department is costly and time-consuming - and expanding into international logistics can be a minefield for even the most experienced team. We’re here to make it simpler for you.

By working with our team you get an outsourced logistics department.

We cut cost, time, and legwork by coordinating our network on your behalf. Besides more choice and flexibility, you’ll get the most competitive shipping rates on the market - and the only bill you’ll see is from us every month.

Ocean Freight

Get Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping

If you have it, we’ll ship it. We service all container types, whether it be 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, or refrigerated. Don't have a full container? Don’t worry - our LCL program offers you flexible space allocation at the right price, shipping globally.

Tap into a huge shipping network

Ship anywhere you want - we cover all major global and regional lanes spanning east to west.

In-depth data and visibility on your order

Stay up-to-date on your freight’s location from start to finish with our label-based tracking software.

Real people at origin and destination that you can rely on

Your orders are handled by experienced professionals we know who make sure your cargo gets on the right truck every time.

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Air Freight

Full-service air freight. Full flexibility. Competitive rates.

See your freight move, literally. Whether it’s airport to airport, door to door, freight consolidation, or full charter, we give you get times and rates that fit your needs and specifications.

The best carriers in the business

Get consistent, best-in-class service with daily flight schedules - our network of providers contracts with all major carriers.

Access to all trade lanes

Expand your business as far as you want. Our operations cover all of the major local and international trade lanes from Asia to the US to Europe and back again.

Shipping plans just for you

Your supply chain is unique — that’s why our team offers express, standard, and deferred services to accommodate any delivery timeline. Our custom technology optimizes for the best routing, pricing, and delivery times.

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3rd Party Warehousing and Distribution

Know where your freight is at all times

Modern logistics needs modern warehousing that doesn’t lose track of your freight. Connect to our strategically located warehouses using industry-grade technology offering integrations so you can better track orders, pack trucks, and more.

Paperless service

Less time on paperwork, more time on business. We also digitize documents (commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, proofs of delivery, etc.)  and customize our processes to suit your unique scope at every stage of the process.

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Ground Transport

Move quickly locally and across borders

Get the expansive domestic delivery capabilities of e-commerce for your B2B business. We partner with local carriers who specialize in distributing products quickly and efficiently.

Updates at every stage

Get actionable data as your shipments move. Our trucking partners proactively schedule shipment pickups and deliveries, digitally confirm pickups and deliveries, and provide digital proof of deliveries (PODs). All actions are updated in real-time.

See what you’re paying for

Unlike traditional forwarders, we don’t leave you scratching your head at invoices. CBIP provides line-by-line breakdowns of any and all charges so invoices and quotes always align.

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Thủ tục Hải quan

Make it through, every time

Don’t get caught at the border. We are a licensed customs broker working with experts on the ground ready to help you navigate the modern complexities of global trade.

All the paperwork you need, when you need it

Don’t let inaccurate documents and paperwork slow you down. We use cloud storage for all your trade transaction documents and fill out everything for you.

We read the fine print so you don’t have to

From tariffs to duties to extra taxes, it’s hard to calculate costs when shipping internationally. That’s where we come in. Our specialists handle customs regulations around the world and can help you avoid surprise fees so you can plan your logistics budget better.

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CBIP Online

Stay in control of your logistics

Our licensed software gives you oversight of your shipping process that you can’t get with major providers. We partner with Gravity Supply Chain to bring you real-time notifications, order management, tracking, and risk assessment - so you always know the status of your freight and can react quickly.

We offer features like:

Product order management

Stay one step ahead of your shipments. Through our system, you get access to a comprehensive purchase order management system. All your data is available in one digital database, accessible at any time and in any place.

Product Tracking

Know the status of your shipment at any given time. Our integrated software provides real time tracking from purchase order through receipt.


See exactly what’s working or needs to change. Get the full picture of your logistics operation with precise, transparent, and up-to-date analytics that give you the insight you need to push your business forward.

Risk assessment

React quickly to changes in markets by tracking congestion, weather, and any risks to your supply chain that may come your way.

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We provide a variety of services in the logistics landscape which includes Ocean Freight, Airfreight, Domestic Delivery, Warehouse & Distribution and Customs Clearance & Brokerage.

We offer several types of warehouses that are tailored to your requirements and vary among countries, e.g. Bonded Warehouse, General Warehouse, Consolidated Warehouse and Distribution Center.

Yes, you can track it from our platform by using the “Log In” function and access to “B2B” which is dedicated to track any shipment you have with us. This is a real-time platform which integrates with some major carriers so from here you can get the visibility of vessels on the globe map.

  • Origin Management: digital PO management and connected suppliers supported by agnostic 3PL vendor management capabilities.

  • Shipment Tracker: real time tracking also vessel tracking to let you know where the goods are.

  • Destination Management: platform manage the delivery to Distribution Centre and update frequently on platform.

  • Paperless Handling: we centralize the document hub on the platform for shipment-by-shipment. From here you can get the full documentation of a particular shipment within a click.

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