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Deliveroo APAC

I was fortunate to work with the directors and the wider CBIP team during my time at Deliveroo 

 Throughout our time working together, CBIP felt like an extension of the internal Supply Chain Team. They were always there to problem solve and right solution at the right time - no problem was too big or too last minute for us to solve together.

 Nick, Chris and the wider CBIP team would always be my first port of call for any supply chain needs in the future.

Case Study 1


In 2015 Deliveroo launched its business in Hong Kong and as it grew it customer and restaurant base they had an increased need to find a suitable logistics partner that could grow and scale with them whilst offering a level of expertise that would serve to educate the team on how a solution could be designed that would enable them to adapt as the business grew at exponential levels.


At first they needed a local logistics solution to easily supply restaurants and riders product within Hong Kong, at the same time having the ability to scale this same model into 4 markets (HK, TW, SG & AU).


CBIP worked with its network of providers and platforms to build a bespoke logistics solution that included supply chain forecasting, warehousing, fulfillment and delivery of rider and restaurant equipment, using the same technology across 6 different vendors in total.


In 2021, CBIP is now into its 5th year supporting Deliveroo, its 10,000+ restaurants and 5,000 riders across the whilst bringing regional account structure, management of multiple vendors, a fully integrated IT infrastructure, cost and operational efficiencies that count for savings of 20%+ PA.

CGI Federal

Case Study 2


CGI Federal is a Canadian publicly traded business that operates as part of the wider CGI group. The federal arm supports all CGI govt related initiatives that pertain specifically to the US Government.


CGI Federal provides consulate services across the globe and notably here in Asia, that includes “document delivery services” whereby anyone applying for a US visa must provide all their relevant documentation that is reviewed and relevant visas are applied before subsequently being returned back to the applicant. Given the sensitive nature of handling individuals documents, means that CGI must find and work with vendors that can meet all the security requirements.


CBIP worked with its regional vendor network to build a bespoke “document delivery service” that would adhere to all requirements set out by CGI including, security demands, specific delivery SLA, alternative delivery methods and document processing and handling.


In 2021 CBIP has built out a unique document delivery service across Asia that has not only provides physical services in 4 markets, HK, VN, TW & PH but provides significant commercial efficiency, is 100% carbon offset on every single delivery and means CGI can offer its customers a consistent and positive experience.

Rascal & Friends

The team at CBIP have been excellent to work and partner with. Their expertise, honesty and execution have allowed us to operate much more efficiently and accurately across multiple markets and complex situations.

 Can highly recommend CBIP to anyone looking for a logistics partner.

 Thanks again to Nick & Chris for all your help and looking forward to continuing to work together.

Case Study 3


R&F is in the diaper business and started its initial launch in New Zealand and Australia in 2018. Since then, the R&F brand has become a household name and taken on some of the world's best known diaper brands including Huggies, Pampers and more. With all this positive traction down under, the brand decided to take its brand to the world and notably into the UK & EU but as a result had to learn and adapt quickly to meet the requirements of its new customer base.


When expanding markets so quickly, it brings a lot of supply chain complexity and with production based in China, R&F were having to navigate a new way of supplying products that included being able to supply its retailers domestically vs on a longer and more traditional FOB timeline.


CBIP, along with R&F and its nominated retail partners Tesco UK & AS Watson in Netherlands, designed a domestic supply chain model that would enable R&F to supply domestically but without the pressures of holding too much stock by agreeing a unique workflow with the retailers.


2+ years on and with a lot of learning, R&F is now a prominent brand on the shelf with these retailers and even the retailers themselves have now seen that there are other creative ways to still satisfy their requirements and work with a wider range of international suppliers to further broaden their product and brand base.

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