Our Commitment to Sustainability

We’re in it for the long haul

CBIP is proud to focus on not only the future of your business but also the environment we all share.

We believe the steps we take today to minimize our environmental impact are necessary to ensure that our families, colleagues, and neighbors all have the same opportunities in the future.

We want to lead the way on sustainability in the logistics industry and uphold the principles outlined in global initiatives like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) every day - in both our work and our daily lives.

Our Green Logistics Policy

At CBIP, our objective is simple: work every day to be part of the solution and leave things better off for the next generation.

Above all, we take responsibility for our own actions - and we’re spreading the word to our customers, suppliers, and staff

Learn more about our policy here.

A greener future in every order

In our logistics operations, we are working on the complex task of calculating our total emissions from start to finish. Once we have the details of our total carbon footprint, we plan to invest in carbon offsetting programs to make sure future generations are given the same opportunities we were.

How we will become — and stay — carbon neutral

We calculate
our emissions
We find out which regions around the world we have had the biggest carbon impact in
We will invest the dollar amount of our impact back into community-oriented climate programs with our partner South Pole
We listen to customers like you for new ideas on how to be better global citizens

Putting logistics and community together

We will invest in programs that balance our carbon emissions and empower the communities in which we work. We want to pave the way for a greener future, starting with direct actions on behalf of ourselves and our customers.

Why we do it

  • The logistics industry is one of the largest emitters of Greenhouse Gases - we want to do something about it and spur on positive change.

  • We're conscious that all of us in the CBIP team have families and children, and we want to make a difference for them, so the world is in a better place as they grow up.

  • The Asia Pacific region has few companies putting sustainability first. We feel it’s important to lead by example and create a ripple effect in the industry.

  • Every step matters. CBIP can educate our customers, our suppliers, our staff, and our partners on how we - and they - can help the planet each day.

  • We want to play our part in SDS and, in particular, goals 12 & 13 

    https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal12 & https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal1

Measuring our carbon footprint

We’re in this together. That’s why CBIP is proud to share our progress on sustainability.
Take a look at how we measure and report our impact:


Where and how is our carbon footprint coming from

GHG Reporting

Details of our global footprint, investment & sustainability initiatives

Future Project To Be Invested

700+ Global Projects creating positive change on the planet

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