There are two delivery options for international shipping services to and from Vietnam: Air Freight and Sea Freight. It’s important for you to choose the right type of transport to make the shipment more time and cost efficient.

  • Sea freight is the perfect option to ship heavy machinery, equipment, cars, or any other large-sized products that would be difficult to fit in an airplane.
  • Air freight is the fastest, therefore, the most expensive shipping method, recommended for smaller packages.

Currently, there are many international carriers that provide shipping services to and from Vietnam, and we understand that choosing the right carrier might be challenging. Luckily, we are here for you. 

With the goal of helping customers get the best logistics solutions, CBIP has been expanding our trusted and reputable partner network along with building a smart technology system to provide customers with the best solutions for shipping and forwarding.

Working with multiple carriers enables us to offer you the most competitive shipping rates on the market. 

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Shipping oversized items to and from Vietnam

The way you pack products can potentially reduce your shipping costs. Appropriate packaging might help reduce the total weight of the package.

To make sure you choose the right international shipping method, it is very important you know the volume, weight and dimensions of your items. Large shipments may incur an exceeded dimensions fee.

According to traditional shipping guidelines, packages are considered as oversized when they:

  • weigh more than 150lbs (70 kg),
  • are larger than 108 inches in length,
  • have large size-to-weight ratio, or
  • include an item larger than 165 inches in length and girth.

Oversized packages should be sent on pallets in order to minimize the risk of damage. Pallets also help your items stay upright and protects them during loading and unloading. 

Strong, right-sized pallets keep items stable and ensure they are moved efficiently. They also save storage space and reduce unnecessary costs. If you are planning on shipping oversized products overseas, you should consider choosing pallets that have been fumigated and heat treated, as some countries have restrictions on the import of wooden items.

How can CBIP assist you in International shipping services to and from Vietnam?

Shipping goods to and from Vietnam has become much easier and more convenient with CBIP since we provide a tailor-made service plan to meet your shipping needs. 

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