Sustainability Policy

CBIP Sustainability

Becoming Asia’s First Carbon Neutral 4PL Provider by 2022

Our policy is simple: Be part of the solution that supports future generations by taking responsibility for our own actions and understanding their impacts. As a logistics provider, CBIP can itself make a meaningful difference by reducing our environmental footprint - and we’ve worked hard with our partners & customers to do just that. See the details below.

Policy pillars

  • We are all responsible
  • We’re not carbon neutral unless it’s on everything we do - not just the parts everyone else can see
What are carbon emissions and carbon offsetting programs?
  • Carbon Emissions: These come from fuels that produce carbon dioxide (Greenhouse Gasses = GHG). Think fuel/petrol, gasses, electricity, agriculture emissions, and the release of stored carbon from deforestation.
  • Carbon emissions have a negative impact on the earth, which in turn will have a long-term negative impact on our generation, the next generation (our kids), and further generations ahead.
[Sustainability Policy] Policy pillars

We can do two things to help reduce this:

  • Reduce our carbon emissions: through the way we live, work, and act in our day-to-day lives.
  • Offset our carbon emissions: we can do this by calculating our carbon emissions, total this, then work with a sustainability company to either pay for carbon credits or invest in carbon positive projects. CBIP partners with The South Pole to work on initiatives like regenerating precious forests, replacing old equipment with more efficient technology, or even training communities in beekeeping!

We all share the same environment, so when customers and providers understand their impact together, meaningful change can take place.

Our sustainability policy bridges 4 key parties:

  • Suppliers, who can offset their carbon emissions
  • Customers, who can update their practices and be a part of a carbon neutral shipping process
  • Our company and individual staff members, who can lead by example and put sustainability first in their daily lives. They can also educate clients, partners, and more.
[Sustainability Policy] We can do two things to help reduce this

Why are we doing it?

  • 物流业是温室气体的最大排放者之一—我们想为此做点什么,推动积极的变化。
  • 我们意识到 CBIP 团队中的所有人都有家庭和孩子,我们希望为他们做出改变,所以随着他们的成长,世界会变得更美好。
  • 亚太地区很少有公司将可持续发展放在首位。我们认为以身作则并在行业中产生连锁反应很重要。
  • 每一步都很重要。CBIP 可以让我们的客户、供应商、员工和合作伙伴了解我们—以及他们—每天可以如何帮助地球。
  • 我们希望在 SDS 中发挥我们的作用,尤其是目标 12 和 13 &
[Sustainability Policy] Why are we doing it?

Where is our carbon impact?

In-house supply chain solution development & management
Full transport freight booking mgmt. origin & destination co-ordination
Custom clearance + duty/VAT management
Transportation services (Air, Sea, Land)
Complete 3PL services including warehousing, handling, sorting, pallestising & inventory control
Order fulfilment & delivery
Delicated end-to-end account service & operational mgmt.

The climate journey

Does this cost me anything?

Nope! Being sustainable shouldn’t cost you more — we take on the costs with our partners so that we can all share in a greater responsibility together and so customers have the opportunity to make their shipments greener, too.  

How does it work?

Every dollar we invest in offsetting all of CBIP’s activities allows us to support genuinely world-changing initiatives. To find that dollar amount, we calculate the potential CO2 generated by all parcels sent for the previous year, and then invest it via our partner, South Pole.  

Do I have a say in which projects are chosen?

Absolutely! In partnership with South Pole, we can collectively choose different projects focused on regions where CBIP works directly.

How do we report it & show results?

CBIP is proud to share our progress on sustainability. Take a look at how we measure and report our impact:

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